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The tribute band GODAMN SUPERSTAR was created in 1997 by Pierre Tagliabue (DR. DAMN), sealed up with inauguration concert in early 1998 in a big arena, built for Italian and international concerts & tributes. Since this first show in Italy, GODAMN SUPERSTAR has been touring Europe regularly. One of the best shows in 2001 was attended by Manson himself, during the ď1st Marilyn Manson Italian Convention and Tribute NightĒ in Milan. One day ahead of Marilyn Mansonís concert at Fila Forum in Milan, GD S performed on stage, while the members of MMís band were watching the show. Hopefully, realizing the impact and importance of their own music on the young musicians and audience. What a night! Unforgetable for Dr. Damn and his band. The Convention hosted Media, V.I.P., TVs s & Radio Stations, Fans, Merchandise, Sponsors, and so on. The party carried on, all night long! GODAMN SUPERSTAR started playing with unbelievable passion and strength, shocking the narrow-minded, puritan people and getting in trouble with Cops and the ...ah ah Law!! In the same time a huge number of fans, around Italy first, around Europe and later around the clock, showed their continuous support for the band. Manson showed his appreciation and support by granting them the title of Marilyn Mansonís Official European Tribute Band!!! Why Dr. Damn decided to start a tribute band for MARILYN MANSON? ...continue


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